At first, I didn’t like this message.  “Withdraw and rest, and you’ll achieve your goals in the end”?  But I’m tired of resting!  I want to dive right in and get to work!

Then, I listened again.

“In the past, you’ve always sought your own truths.  You always will because it is not in your nature to accept something without question.  But you are still in a state of necessary rest, contemplating how to best apply your truths to your situation.  What are those truths?  What have you learned in the past that can help you now?  Focus on the truths you have discovered for yourself, and you will come out of your current predicament into a small, but powerful, victory.

“What are your goals?  List them all, no matter how big or small, materialistic, selfish, or otherwise.  Keep this list nearby and review it daily.

“What parts of you still need this rest?  Why don’t you want to rest and let them heal properly?  What need or fear is keeping you in a perpetual state of rest?

“Will your victory be honorable?  Or will you have to cheat in some way to win?  What ways feel like cheating?  And what ways feel like an honorable victory?”

At the last question, my knee-jerk response was “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’!”

Perhaps I’m not…