The cards are still telling me to rest and recoup.  They’re acting like the nurse that’s been assigned watch to make sure I don’t hurt myself any more.

From a temporal standpoint, I’m hoping that that Page of Wands is a great message about a potential job.  Fingers crossed!!

But they still talk.  In my head I hear the silky older voice of a guardian.

“New directions and paths call to you, and these calls and challenges must be met with a fire warmth and desire to learn.  But do not worry; although you are hesitant to cross the bridges before you and graduate to the next shore, be comforted by the fact that once you cross those bridges you will emerge from the fog on a steadier shore and a new person.

“What relationships and endeavors drain you emotionally?  Why do you still give them control over you?  And what stills are you willing to take to change this?

“How can you renew yourself after dealing with the drainage?  What are things you can do to restock the pond inside you?

“Who or what is calling to you right now?  What are you all fired up about?

“And similarly, what do you despair over?  What are you disillusioned about or disappointed with?

“Once you can answer these questions, you are ready to be discharged.”