Whoa.  What a spot-on reading for today.  I will always be amazed at the power of the Tarot being able to show you just exactly what you really look like.  I mean, they’re not mirrors or anything, but they do show you an image of yourself that no glass mirror can do justice to.

“The unconventional life you embrace that you have been hiding from the world has drained you.  You are a wonderful person, with a unique view of the world around you.  You are bursting with so many new ideas and projects; why hide that from a world that could do with a bit more fire?  Specifically in your job search; your fear that your alternative lifestyle would be seen as a mark against you in this job market is ridiculous.  Let yourself evolve to be the person you are and want to be.  The niche that is hollowed out specifically for you will come.  And it is a niche that will fill you spiritually and creatively, like a spring, the powerful flow of water becoming a river and turning the water Wheel of Fortune towards a great change.

“What conventions or traditions are you rebelling against?  What inequalities or injustices are you trying to change?”  Very spot on there, Tarot.  One of the first things I did this morning was fill out a volunteer application for Equality Winston-Salem.  At first it was just to help out with the Pride event next weekend because a friend said something about it the other night.  But I can’t help but feel that it will be more involved than just one weekend, since I like to stay busy.  Also, this is something I feel very strong about, as it is a part of who I am that I need to share with the world in a less reserved manner.

“What does your intuition say?  How can you serve others?”  The volunteering thing is something I have just gotten into recently.  Mondays I volunteer at the hospital, I’m a member of the organizing committee for a local pagan networking group, and I just added another opportunity to the list.  I’m learning that in serving others selflessly, and not focusing on what they can do for me, in turn teaches me skills I desire and need to prosper.  And it gives me much creative fodder to process.

“What life changes are you experiencing?  How are you adapting to those changes?  How are your horizons expanding?”  I’ve come to terms with grooming myself to fit a mold.  There are so many doors opening for me right now that aren’t the ones that other people expect me to go through.  And I’m okay with that.  No.  I’m more than okay with that — I’m fucking thrilled!!

This draw echos the poster I hung above my bed the other day, the xkcd comic that I happened upon a the other week that lifted me out of a funk.