Sometimes the cards start off Monday by hitting you with the cosmic 2 x 4.

“Lately, you’ve been feeling a little bored.  No.  Scratch that. Extremely bored.  The activities that you used to revel in and turn to for killing time no longer satisfy you.  You’re searching for something more filling.  The last leg of whatever race you are running nears.  You’ve been making yourself work hard to stave off boredom, and you will continue to do so because working on something really is much more filling than wasting time on Pinterest or whatever.  You are changing daily, striving towards evolving into the Queen of Pentacles inside you.  By combining your loves, respects, and passions, you are pushing yourself closer to your goals.  Keep up the good, hard work, and blessings will follow.

“What are you fantasizing about?  What can you do to realize your fantasies?”  The one thing I keep putting off for no specific reason: WRITE THEM DOWN!  And then put them in a place you can see them.  Make several copies, and carry one with you wherever you go.  That way I can answer the question of what I really want.

“What are your goals?  How will you achieve them?  How can you best use your powers and energy?  Why have you taken on additional responsibilities?”  Again, see the answer to the first question.

“How are you grounded in Mother Earth?”  I need to take a day to go hiking or walking in the woods, to really feel the coming autumn and the power it’s bringing with it.  “Who inspires your need for practical skills and nurtures your desire for knowledge?”  J inspires me to work towards something, even though he already  holds me in awe most of the time.  Imaginary T inspires an artistic burst, which I love.  I’ve discovered over the past couple of months that I need something irrational and impossible to focus my art on sometimes.  Imaginary T does just that.