I’ve been running on a very creative streak the past few days.  Last night I had written two rough drafts of two different poems before I was able to fall asleep.  Not to mention the sudden impulse to write in my journal about all manner of things.


“With your powers, you can cut through anything.  But power alone is not enough; you must have a plan and a direction for that energy to flow into.  Think like the King of Swords; write down your goals, how you plan on getting there, and how you’ll know when you’ve arrived.”

I keep telling myself I write down my goals and plans.  I keep letting other things distract me.  I might have a touch of ADD.

Instead of questions today, I went with affirmations.

I create warmth and light with clarity and enthusiasm.  By harnessing all my forces towards my purpose and controlling my fears, I victoriously meet my challenges.  I acknowledge my ability to stand up for what I truly believe.