I’m apprehensive of this reading.  It just doesn’t strike me well at all.  And I’m not entirely sure why.

“Turning away from the goals and assumptions of others for you and searching for your own truths propels you through the darkness and fog you feel as you gallop through this foggy time.  The noxious gas of criticism from others and your own inner criticism that you still haven’t gotten it together close in on you.  Keep traveling.  Keep your eyes on the road, and you will emerge victorious into the luxuries and pleasure you crave and love.”

So, keep your head high.  Keep trying.  Keep going.  No wonder I’m apprehensive; I hate it when I have a weak moment, and when I turn to someone for help, a shoulder to cry on, all they can say is “just keep trying.”  I consider this phrase the most vague and unhelpful piece of advice that anyone can give anyone.  When I hear someone say “just keep trying,” I hear instead “there’s nothing you can do but remain miserable.”  Although the above reading is a bit more specific than the shorthand, it is a bit more helpful.

I think at some point today I will draw away from the world into my magickal place and read and meditate.