@Kissedbybliss inspired me yesterday to get out my Ludy Lescot Tarot deck.  Of course, yesterday’s cloudy attitude ruined what could have been a wonderful day, and in an effort to feel better I “adopted” the Royo Dark Tarot .  More on that one later to come.  For now, I have a daily vitals reading to attend to.

I normally don’t do reversals, but something told me that King of Cups was meant to be reversed.  So I turned him around.

“You struggle to maintain control over your stronger emotions.  The fire in you does not mix well with water.  Beneath the mask you present to the world, you’re at a rolling boil.  You must manifest the energy of the King of Swords, letting rational thought overcome turbulent emotion.  Prune away the troubling thoughts and jealousies.  Listen to your dreams and intuition; they can apply the healing balm that you need to cure the burns.”