Today’s message is one of those truths that I have been in denial about.  Admitting it is the first step to correcting it, but that still doesn’t take the sting off.

“Despite the un-nourishing mannerisms and unsavory lifestyle and habits of your mother and biological family, you must seek to celebrate even the smallest of victories.  Find a reason to enjoy new friends and old, and get out of the house more.  Find joy in the unknown, in the Community of Desire Exploration that you have become close with in the past few months.  There you will find a tribe, a family.  And they will give you the inspiration and motivation that you need to charge fully into your future prospects, new directions, and self-growth.”

Keeping in line with celebrating small victories… I’m proud to announce that I’ve started using reversals in my readings, as I’ve been feeling a push to do this.  It’s not that scary at all, either!