I’ve always had vivid dreams.  It’s a part of my intuition that I value, but can never seem to take care of.  Most mornings I forget to record my dreams before I jump into the day.  I pride myself on my ability to interpret a dream; yet I can’t seem to teach myself how to record and decode my own

I did a search for some various spreads that focus on dreams.  I want something short and brief, not too complicated or involved.  Sometimes a dream is just subconscious processing.  Other times it might be sending a message.  The only way to know is to record and decipher.

I managed to do that this morning.

I dreamed that I had gone on a ski trip with a close friend and an unidentified driver to the North Carolina mountains.  The land was covered in snow, and we drove in the early morning just before the sun rose over the horizon.  The world was gray and white, with some splashes of evergreen trees.  For some reason, I couldn’t tell when we had left the county I live in and entered into another region.  When we arrived at the hotel we were staying at, my friend introduced me to a man whom I’ve known my whole life.  We explained that he had basically raised me.  His son was there too, playing video games.  The middle gets vague in my memory.  What I recall next is a couple of friends and I sitting around talking, and someone has a gray rat and a pit bull.  For some reason I throw the rat out the door, and the dog chases it and kills it.  The rat’s tail has been ripped off, or out.  I pick up the pieces of the rat and throw them into some bushes.

I drew three cards to help me analyze this dream.


The first card is how this dream connects with events from my life.  You feel as if you have taken the help that has been offered to you to help turn your situation around, and that you have earned a period of rest and relaxation.

The second card decodes what the dream is trying to tell me.  There are a couple of meanings here.  First, it’s an indicator that your moontime has come, and that you should take advantage of the boost in intuition that comes with it to look at normally-hidden hopes and dreams.  Secondly, it’s a message about my deepening intuitive skills and the rate at which I am progressing in this area.  I no longer have to think as hard as I did about some things.  This also echos my increased desire and discipline to use and analyze my dreams for their messages.

The last card tells me how I can use this dream my daily, conscious life.  Stop looking for the familiar in things and seek out something new.  Regain a sense of wonder and observe how your beliefs work within the world you experience.  It’s all just below the surface that you can easily see.