We’ve had quite an interesting morning at my house.  The Lucid One decided she wanted to help me read cards at one point, and we had a jumper; the Queen of Swords!

I’ve been focusing on the court cards for a week or two.  I find it interesting that it was the Queen of Wands who jumped.  Sort of like she’s saying “Hey!  Look at me!  You’ve been learning about me, right?  Well prove it!”

Anyways… onto the message.

“The Queen of Swords is an intelligent and sharp woman, a woman who has learned from experience and thought.  She has also learned to separate feeling from thoughts when necessary, knowing how to detach her emotions when a situation calls for rationale and logic.  Lately, you have had some strong thoughts accompanied by even stronger emotions, leaving you feeling hopeless and exhausted.  I am here to tell you that if you want to one day be a Queen of Swords, like me, you have to let these harrowing thoughts go.  You need to let the thoughts pass without evoking emotion in order to clear yourself of the negative, heavy energy they create in you, and make room for the lighter, more positive energy that can fill you and power you much longer.

“One thing that is on your mind right now is James and the anticipation of you both beginning a new phase of life together.  The reversed Knight and Two of Wands look towards your combined life and ideas, but even then can tell you that it is not yet time to wrap yourselves up in visions of the desired future.  Dream, but don’t dwell on those dreams.  A time is coming when you will be able to give into those dreams.  Let them ripen first.

“In other words, slow down the desires to leave your present situation the first chance you get.  Remember what happened the last time you took that chance and where it eventually left you.  Your family may be a block in some ways to your guaranteed success, but the air will clear when it is time to make your moves.  Focus on the dream shared by both James and yourself; synthesizing all your paths into a great success worth of queendom.

“Think like the Queen of Swords, and one day you will sit on the throne.”