It’s been quite an interesting morning at my house.


I apologize for my lack of a good camera.  Or photography skills.  But if you look in the top of the tree in the middle you can just make out a good-sized black bird.  The thing was huge!

At first I thought it was a vulture.  Last autumn a bunch of vultures took up residence around the church down the street, and eventually made it into our woods.  Each morning you would go out and find around thirty vultures sunning themselves in their sunrise salutations.  I hope they come back this year.

Nope.  It’s a raven.  I had asked the gods for a message.  In the middle of shuffling my cards, Mom called me over to the window to see this.  Message received.

Onto the daily reading.


I’ve been getting a lot of cups lately.  Of course, I’ve also been battling a bout of depression.  So this makes sense.

“Changing your emotional perspective, attitude, and response will put an end to your current depressive cycle, allowing you the mental rest you so desperately need.”

There was also a Jumper; the Four of Cups.  I’m saving that for another reading soon to come.