I tend to have a few dreams during one sleep.  It makes it hard to focus on just one, and I like the mornings where I can only recall one.  This morning was not one of them.  However, there is usually one dream that stands out from the others.  I decided to do a Tarot reading about this one to gain insight.

There were two parts.  The first was short.  A woman was running through a winter forest.  Golden orbs were chasing her.  The chase was ending, as she noticed danger ahead.  She turned to the orbs chasing her and shouted “Look what we can be!”  She was attacked by something and the screen fades black.

The next sequence felt like the opening of a television show.  A Native American flute played along with a slower primitive drum beat.  I was moving through barren forests like a ghost.  Then the scene changed to foggy swamps.  Orbs, similar to the above, moved through the trees and mist like they were migrating somewhere.  This same sequence repeats a few more times until I come to a clearing in the center of the forest.  The ground is pure white, like light, and in a perfect large circle.  White paths extend into the distance from the four corners.  Surrounding the circle is every animal and creature upon the Earth.  I am nude.

This moment feels like the dawn of life upon the planet.  The animals turn and walk away, all in different directions.  An elephant bids me to follow.  As I follow, the scene changes to that of a library.  A large atlas-looking book comes to me.  “I know this one!”, I exclaim.  It looks like an anatomy book, but I can recognize the people in the drawings.

And that’s about the time I woke up.

On to the reading…


The first thing that stands out is the abundance of fours in this spread.  Each card is numbered four.  I read this as stability, building a foundation upon which to ground yourself and the experiences of this lifetime upon.  Learning to face the reality that I can now clearly see and build my own center and place to escape, process my experiences, and ground.

The Emperor is a representation of my animus, the male aspects of my personality.  The Emperor asks that I call upon him as I go about my life to help me understand and interact with the world better.

The Four of Pentacles asks for structure and a stable base of material needs.  But how can I build such a structure in my current situation?  The Four of Pentacles asks me to write up plans and draw a blueprint to build this stability in my life.

Lastly, the Four of Wands urges me to be thankful for all that I have now.  I have arrived on the other side of my internal crisis, and now it’s time to celebrate by picking up the pieces, cleaning them off, and making them into something better.

What do you think?  Any insights or comments?