It’s not unusual for me to have quite a few dreams at night.  Some stand out more than others, while some will fade away as I wake.  Last night was one of those nights where I was able to recall about five different dream sequences.  I peeled away two as they just seemed like subconscious processing.  They didn’t have a lot of meat to them.  That left three different sequences to look into.

I decided to create a dream spread just for this unique purpose.  The three rows represent the three dream sequences that were more meaty than the other two.  The columns, from left to right, are: How does this dream connect with events in my life, what is this dream trying to tell me, and how can I use this dream in my life.  The High Priestess at the top currently serves no other purpose than to act as a guardian to the subconscious realm and the intuitive secrets hidden there.  I can’t really say how she came into the spread other than it just felt right to put her there.

Dream #1
I was at a college (it felt more like a hospital) to attend a lecture on some aspect of literature.  I was a little late arriving to the event, and was caught outside by a professor acting like a guard for the auditorium.  I was very aware of my attire.  I was dressed in all black: black combat boots; black, loose-fitting pants with silver chains and loops; a black t-shirt with a winged sword, and black arm warmers with chains and laces; goth, but not too overdone, make-up; and raven black hair. In other words, I stood out, and not in a good way.  The guardian professor assumed that I was here for trouble and began to quiz me about literature.  Her attitude softened as I met each question with poise and grace, even adding insight to some of her previous beliefs.  As the speaker inside was finishing up, she and I shared a moment of tiny grief; she had gotten me to admit regretting not trying something in life.  But I was okay with it.  The door opened to allow me into the auditorium.  As the next speaker was called (another expert in my field, whom I had studied), there was no response; he hadn’t arrived yet.  Seizing the moment, which was similar to the one I lamented, I jumped onto the stage and began to lecture on the topic.  James was there, in the middle of the audience, and I had smug about what his father (who shares the same opinion as the guardian professor once did) would say when he told him I had given a stellar lecture.

“You should never be afraid to think like a king and be knowledgeable about your beloved topics.  Just as you should never be afraid to seize a chance to conquer closed minds and new territories.  Give into your devilish appetite for hubris.  You might not look like the best of conquerors, but don’t let that stop you from pushing forward.  That is the element of surprise you possess.  Use it well; use it sparingly, lest it turn on you and be your downfall.  The World is yours for the earning; earn it well.”

Dream #2
I’m at someone’s house, and they have an indoor swimming pool.  There’s a thunderstorm raging outside, and I am afraid of it, although I know logically I cannot be harmed indoors.  An attractive man is noticing this and making gooey eyes at me.  I jump into the water and swim around, feeling safe.  He follows me for a bit, but nothing else.  I surface on the other side of the pool, before a couple lounging in comforts.  A hookah sits between them.  A oafish character appears (in the form of a friend whose name I will not reveal) and begins dumping colorful powder onto the bowl, extinguishing the coal.  When the couple chastise him for his actions, he plays innocent, stating that it was a ritual of some kind.

“Your vulnerability makes you feel like an easy target.  Indeed, you have spent a great deal of (un)necessary time trying to appear strong and build up your walls.  Give it a rest; this is a time when being vulnerable can work to your advantage.  As evidenced here by the attentions of an attractive suitor, picking up on your fear of the storm as a way to comfort and protect you.  Be on the lookout for these kinds of opportunities to strike.  Be vulnerable, but don’t let your guard completely down.  Others will try to put out your fire and flame; don’t let them.  They know no other way to deal with open fire.  Know that enduring this trial of vulnerability will allow you to triumph in the end.”

Dream #3
I am on some kind of journey with a strange couple.  The dream opens at a restaurant as we are finishing lunch.  We get back into the car and I knock down some kind of iPad looking thing that’s monitoring the weather.  The man frets about this, and I don’t understand why.  The woman drives.  I sit in the passenger seat, and her husband in the back, behind her.  He asks if I lay down when I sleep, as if I don’t sleep like normal people.  I think I might be some kind of other creature.  I say no, I’m fine, and fall into fetal position around a pillow, to sleep.  I wake up and we are at an airport of some kind.  It doesn’t feel normal.  There are professors and scholars everywhere.  The woman is a student of something. She gets a tip from an attendant, and then she starts talking about some kind of rewards card she bought that gives her insider tips and access to places other students can’t get.  We enter into a lounge, which is filled with more professors and scholars.  It reminds me of an ancient Greek agora.  The thing that stands out to me here is the amount of illusion magic going on.  Card tricks and the like.  I feel as if I’ve seen through all the illusions.

“You are learning how to work with yourself, to make yourself a valuable and treasured asset to be held onto.  It won’t all come to you at once, so it will be a kind of journey until you arrive there.  You feel like you’ve had your fill of learning the tricks and illusions, and you scoff at any more advice, turning your back on valuable tips that could help you.  You can drink more of these tricks than you imagine, so let go of the idea that you are full.  Your tolerance for this substance is very high.  The more you drink, the more you will learn, and the closer you will come to finding and forming a joyous partnership.”

What are your takes on these dreams?  And these interpretations?  Leave your comments and ideas below.