Four.  My birthday is the fourth day of the year.  Four is the time of my doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  Four is one of my favorite numbers.  And now it looks like Four has something to tell me.

“Stability, stability, stability.  You are clinging to a material world view that, while safe and stable, is warping and sinking at your feet.  It’s becoming a black hole that is sucking you in.  You call to the Divine for help, but still refuse to drink from the bitter cup of truth they offer, safe in ignoring its existence.  Accept the material for what it is, now that your blinders have been stripped off, and you will once again be able to establish order and rule in your kingdom/life.”

Jumper: 5 of Pentacles

“By refusing to accept this truth that has been revealed to you, you’re only shutting yourself out into the cold.  Yes, this is truth is harsh and changes your naive universal beliefs, but learn to see it as not a staggering blow, but as a weapon dropped by your enemy on the battlefield.”