The Dream

I dreamed that I had a couple of friends over to my house one summer afternoon. For some reason, I kept spilling drinks all over myself. In frustration, I pulled off my clothes (a pink maxi skirt, a white button-down, and white panties… all of things I would never wear) and threw them outside on the back porch to dry. I went out to lay them flat in the sun. I could see the clouds in the northwestern sky building into big thunderstorms. An acquaintance and her mother showed up for some reason. My friend was chatting about all the clothes she had bought earlier that day. She laid out a black t-shirt with a tuxedo printing on the front, and a bow-tie with a famous someone in the middle. I couldn’t understand what the big deal was because it seemed to be a cultural thing. Her brother showed up too, and he asked about the shirt. My friend started to talk about the price she had gotten it for. Then I woke up.

The Reading

“The Page is your own inner child; inhibited and forthright and straight-forward.  This is how you act in the dream when you throw caution to the wind and remove your wet clothes.  There is a thundercloud behind the Knight of cups very similar to the clouds you saw building.  Follow your dreams and keep your intuition sharp.  But also be mindful of the rest your mind and body need.  Take care of yourself first.  Rest, and let yourself heal before taking on your challenges.”