Happy Samhain, everybody!!!  I’m doing things a little different this morning.  I have a job interview in a couple of hours for a job that I really, really want. So I decided to do the Job Interview spread found in The Dreamer’s Journal, by Barbara Moore, to gain a little bit more insight to what I may face.  (I’ll post more details when I return.)


Cards 1 and 2 represent what employers want to see and how to highlight that.
The Five of Pentacles and King of Wands: “You’ve had a hard time getting a job, and as a result your confidence has been damaged.  But this is exactly what employers want to see; a confident and sure individual.  Show this off by using the energy from the King of Wands.”

Cards 3 and 4 represent what employers DON’T want to see, and how you can minimize it.
5 of Cups and Page of Wands: “Again, you’ve been compromised by the failures in your job hunting thus far.  Do not draw attention to that.  Do not think about it.  Think positive.  Be like the Page of Wands, eager and enduring.  Be a little bit daring and direct in your speech.”

Cards 5 an 6 represent something the employers don’t realize they want, and how you can really “wow” them.
4 of Cups (with the 9 of Cups as a clarification card) and The Lovers.  “Happy contentment.  Happy with constant work.  You are the kind of person who, as a Capricorn, takes much pride in her work.  If your job is not fulfilling in some way, you are not going to be satisfied until something changes.  Express how this works for you.  Convey that you understand the complexities of this job and how you will do your best work when you know that clients are satisfied, as well as yourself and your superiors.”

I had two jumpers: The Wheel of Fortune (my year card!) and the 5 of Swords.


“A new cycle is (hopefully!) beginning.  Be careful of trying to make your way to your goals via unfair means.  Be careful and alert of those around you who would seek to dominate you by such means.  While you crave victory over your challenges, you are well aware that to do so by cheating would be a hollow victory.  Keep your guard on watch, and face this new turn with enthusiasm.”

I also decided to do something else different; I used a shadow card from the bottom of the shuffled deck: the 6 of Wands


I see this as a good sign for the day.  Again, I will post more as my day allows me!