To all, I wish a happy Samhain and safe trick or treating.  I also wish the best of luck to those who are participating in Nanowrimo this year.  And I also wish the best of luck and safety to all those along the east coast that have been effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Every year I want to celebrate Samhain in the best possible way that a pagan can, but with space and supplies being limited, I have decided to do a short meditation on the Death cards from two of my favorite decks, the Ludy Lescot and the Wildwood Tarot.

I have always found death to be fascinating, yet not something to take lightly.  Working in the hospital like I do, I am ever aware of its presence.  I’ve had my brushes with death, and I’ve mourned the loss of loved ones and friends.  I’ve always wondered about my ancestors, who they were and where they came from, as I know very little about my own genealogy. I’ve been urged to get my grandmother to talk about what she knows when she arrives for Thanksgiving, and instead of looking at this as just a way to placate familial traditions, I sense it could hold much wisdom and hidden knowledge.

The Death card in the Tarot does not imply impending doom or loss, as our culture would have us believe.  Right now, I see Death as an ending cycle, and a new beginning.  A change of situation and life.  As the leaves fall to the ground to be ground under the hooves of deer and become nutrition for next spring’s growth, I have kept a constant vigil for a sign of change in my current stagnated life.  As Peter Pan says in “Hook”, “To die would be a wonderful adventure.”

I won’t seek out Death, like one should not seek to cause trouble.  I seek only the end to unemployment, boredom, fears, writer’s block.  I seek only to hold a funeral for the circumstances that have held me back and which can no longer serve me.


As the Moon rises in the sky tonight, Her waning energies beginning, I take inventory of the things I believe must go.  Admitting that I need to release fears is the first steps of a new journey.  It’s the end of being stuck.  It’s the end of hiding your real fears behind desire and irritation.  It’s a signal that you are indeed ready to move onto the next stage in the process, and you must leave these things behind.  By naming them, you have weakened their power over you.  Now, let them go.

Tomorrow, when the sun rises and colors the sky, I think I will use the energy from the Death card to hold a ritual of grief and release.  I will state the fears and aspects of myself that must be left behind to decay, so that I may recognize my true potential.  I will say their names, cry salty tears of release and mourning, and watch as they float downstream, away from me, never to be recovered.

What is your take on Death?  How do you read the Death card when you encounter it?  Post your comments below.