I had what I consider to be a very good job interview yesterday.  Given my string of bad luck with interviews this year, I’m still nervous and apprehensive of it.  I feel like I’ll get an offer, but at the same time, I want to be sure.  So this morning, to balance the Job Interview Prep spread from yesterday, I did a Waiting for Job Interview Answer spread.  Just like yesterday’s spread, this one comes from The Dreamer’s Journal by Barbara Mooore.


I pulled a shadow card from the bottom of the deck.  This is very interesting because I pulled the 6 of Wands, the same shadow card that was drawn for yesterday’s Job Interview Prep spread.  I consider this a very good sign.


I broke this spread up into sections: cards 1 and 2 together, with card 1 being what the employer was looking for and card 2 being what you showed them; cards 3,4, and 5 are what the employer saw as your strengths; cards 6,7, and 8 are what they saw as your weaknesses; card 9 is something you may need to know about the situation; and card 10 is the possible outcome of the interview.

Card 1 (4 of Pentacles) shows that the employer was looking for someone who is resource and not afraid to gather their resources, which is a big part of the position.  It’s about gathering information and collecting payment, the essence of the 4 of Pentacles.  Card 2 (King of Pentacles) is what I showed them; I proved that I am  more than capable of performing the duties of this job, and that I will not disappoint them, if hired.


These three cards (8 of Swords, Knight of  Swords, and 2 of Swords) show the strengths I brought to the table yesterday.  I showed that I want to be there, that I will take charge of the situations when necessary, and that I am quite skilled in decision making and time management.  That these three cards are all from the suit of Swords shows that I am intelligent and a thinker, and will excel in this position.


These three cards (The Empress, Death, and the Queen of Wands) are the unfortunate weaknesses that were seen.  Seeing the Empress as a weakness unnerved me for a bit.  But I’m not sure if this was viewed as a  weakness or a weakness warning for me.  Seeing it followed by Death struck me even more.  But I read these two cards as don’t be so eager to start a new phase of life that you begin to neglect this wonderful employment opportunity.  Let the phase of your life that you are in now end naturally, and you will do just fine.  The Queen of Wands shows my lack of experience in this field, although I have been making strides to make up for that.


Card 9 (4 of Cups) is something I may need to know about the situation, or something I should keep in mind.  I read this as saying the work could get monotonous and boring once I get into the swing of things.  I must take precautions to prevent that happening and to prevent eventual burnout.  Card 10 (The Tower) is the likely outcome.  Seeing the Tower card here made me feel like I am to expect yet another rejection letter.  However, that may not be the case.  I can see this as the eventual upset in my life that will result from working again and having different living circumstances.  If I should get this job, I know I will be moving closer to the city.  I won’t have the same leisure time as I once did, and I may miss some friendly gatherings.  But I am prepared for these kinks and will face them bravely.

In all, I believe this experience will lead to great things.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope to hear a phone call instead of finding a rejection letter in the mail.