I’ve been hearing this deck call to me this past week.  Except it doesn’t speak in a language that I’m familiar with.  It sounds almost scary, like it will tell me something that I am thankful to now understand, but it will unnerve me, stripping me of the fearful walls I built to keep it out.  Reading with this deck is like standing on the edge of an old and dark forest.  I am hesitant to step on the other side of the trees for fear of what could be lurking there, although I know there is nothing.

The Wildwood Tarot has been with me since March.  I haven’t used it much because I just don’t hear it as easy as Rider-styled decks.  But it’s calling me.  The images are staring to speak to me, to move when I look at them.  And as afraid to step into the woods as I am, it’s very, very tempting.

Those who ask receive… and I asked this deck what kind of relationship we could have.

So tell me a little about yourself.  What is your most important characteristic? — Two of Stones: Challenge
“Clearly I’m a challenge, a contradiction to the orderly ways of society and the usually clean and crisp symbolism you’re used to.  I’m wild and primal in a world that seeks to forget that it too was once primal.  But I’m not here to look for trouble or stir up dust; I’m here as a reminder that underneath it all exists a primitive base that deserves its due respect as the foundation of life and society.”

I think I’ve been feeling that primal call from deep within.  A call that suggests moving in another direction than what I have normally moved in the past.  So what are your primal strengths as a deck? — Queen of Stones: Bear
I am rich and abundant with guidance.  I am will always welcome you to partake of my deep earthly wisdom.  I am generous and pragmatic, offering you the inner power when you most need it.”

Just like the Earth Mother, you are always there, just below the surface of things.  But what are your limits as a deck?  —Knight of Stones: Horse
My primitive nature will always butt heads with modernized norms and social acceptance.  Being a forgotten aspect of life has cheapened my lessons.  My advice will, at times, seem too simple to accept without question.  You may find yourself asking ‘is that it?’ at times.  But that is just it — you will need to learn to communicate with me in such a way that is not bound by words or symbols.  You will have to learn by doing.”

Interesting.  So I will find the simple yet abundant advice hard to swallow in its rawest forms.  What do you bring to the table to make those morsels worth eating? — The Journey
“I will teach you not to fear the inevitable endings.  I know you’ve had that on your mind a lot in the past week, seeing it in a different light than you have before.  I’m here to say the end is much more than an ending.  Life it not a linear and organized plot line; it’s a spiral dance that twists and turns around a single universal aspect.  Ending is just another word for change.  And I will show you how to strip the flesh and muscles away from your bones and show you what each one does to help you recognize and acknowledge the deepest parts of your fears and desires.”

So you’re like a primal x-ray machine?  Highlighting the things I have denied and stuff down, the primal desires and fears I can no longer hear?  “In a word, yes.  But just as boiling that concept down to its simplest form, there is much more beyond that that cannot be conveyed in words or symbols.”

Very well then.  So how can I best learn from and collaborate with you?  King of Arrows: Kingfisher
“Let go of the things that weigh you down.  Simple as that.  Clear away the brush from the path, and then I will be able to help you build a new one.  I will teach you what to let go of, and how to do it.  Fear and courage mean different things to us, and we will have to come to an understanding as to what they mean.”

I look forward to self-growth with you, Wildwood.  One last question.  What is the potential outcome our working relationship? — 5 of Bows: Empowerment
“Absolute empowerment.  Together, we will fire our arrows towards your greatest hopes, dreams, and goals.  For I am a tool that serves you by offering the inner power that you need to succeed.  Together, we can achieve anything you can imagine.”

I look forward to meeting those goals and dreams with you and your advice.  I thank you for your time and honest counsel.

“The pleasure is all mine.”