“Expectation has kept you rooted to one place, looking out for the rare treasures you seek, but know you will not find buried in this sand.  Let these expectations and fantasies go.  You know what will happen if you keep hoping and wishing you will only be let down and hurt further.  So why do you keep giving into the things that hurt you?”

“To make the best of your situation, you will have to turn inward; become all the things you need to  become for yourself in order to keep on course, achieve your goals, etc.  Do whatever it takes alone to move away from the pain of unfulfilled expectations and hopes, refilling the holes left by them with love.

“Be prepared for the pain, though; this is not going to be a painless operation.  Look on the loses from a distance.  Look towards the future of nourishing yourself in a barren environment as you  make your way to fertile ground.  It’s not going to be easy, but you have to do it.  It’s your journey, and you have to make it alone.  Don’t take companions.  You need to learn the art of solitude.”

Encouragement from the Wildwood Tarot


This card gave me a lot to think about this morning, so I’m going to paraphrase as clearly as I can: Learn to view the bumps in your situation as opportunities for learning and healing.