Some mornings at home seem hammer the nails if distraction into my morning writing.  I’ve avoided this in the past by waking up hours earlier than everyone else.  But some nights that’s just not possible, if one is to have a social life AND distraction free work time.  

This morning was one such morning.  Mom was busy in the kitchen, I had just woken up to write my morning pages.  And the cat seemed so starved for attention that I literally had to stop every couple of minutes to let her in or out of my bedroom.  (No, I’m not using the word ‘literally’ wrong here; I keep a timer going when I write to help me focus, and I kept having to pause it for this reason.)

So, I decided to ask the cards what steps I could take to limit the distractions in my surroundings.


“First, decide which project you want to work on most, and focus on one thing at a time.  Distractions will throw themselves at you – of this you can be sure.  Persevere; focus on that one project’s completed form and push through the obstacles.  And when you get to that stage, celebrate your victory, no matter how small it is.  Doing this will fuel you with more motivation and creative energy to tackle other projects.”

Wildwood encouragement

“What may seem like mile-markers are also new beginnings.  You have been following this path, a primal instinct piqued, that allows you to stay strong and stay the course.  The challenge is seeing just how far you can go.  Trust in the ageless spirits of nature and the wild gods; they will never lead you astray or into danger.”