My usual 3-card spread has been growing a little stale, although it will always be a favorite of mine for its simplicity and ability to be whatever I need it to be.  I decided to try a new spread, with more defined card positions.

The card at the top (position 1) is a positive part of my day to come.  In this spread, it is the Hermit.

The two cards below(2.) 5 of Pentacles and 3.) 9 of Cups) are a challenge I will face today, and a positive way to overcome it.

The last card on the bottom (position 4) is a task I should focus on completing today.  Here, the 10 of Wands.

Now for the reading…

“Time spent studying and learning new skills will be a positive part of your day and give you much joy.  However, the complexities of your current financial, familial, and career troubles will continue to give you stress.  Counteract these distressing thoughts and worries by counting your blessings and nurturing the many new relationships that you are building with your new-found pack.  This will show you there are people beyond your home that care about your success and happiness.  They are cheering loudly for you, even if you cannot hear it.
“Work on finishing your novel for Nanowrimo.  You’re almost there!  But don’t take on too many chapters, or you will burn yourself out quickly.”

Wildwood encouragement card


“Allow a time of rest for your troubled spirit and mind.  Find a safe place to let them rest.  Build a place on the astral planes to go to in meditation, where your family cannot intrude.  Know that you have many places on the earthly plane to escape to as well.”