Good morning, and welcome to A Place to Fall!!  Where the points don’t matter, and neither does sense!!  We’ve had quite an exciting morning over here (well, me at least; the rest of the house is still asleep), and all before 7 am.

Yesterday I played with a new 4-card spread that really worked well with my day.  No major upsets, a couple of victories, and two chapters closer to finishing my novel for NaNoWriMo.  In all, very good.

Today, the experimentation continued.

I haven’t gone too much into it here yet, but the Morrighan is my matron goddess.  I’ve always felt a strong connection with Her, and She makes her presence in my life known by the crows that sometimes follow me when I venture into the city, or the huge flock of buzzards that, for the second winter, have taken up residence in the trees around my house.  It’s still quite a sight to wake up and see 30-50 buzzards perched in the bare branches, their wings out in their sunrise devotional.

Before I shuffle my cards, I’ve been grounding and centering, working on the meditation.  Until today, I chant a short invocation asking the Morrighan to bless my readings.  The only thing I did different today was reword the chant to work better with the 4-card spread from yesterday.

Not a major change, but one big enough to launch three cards from my deck and against the wall.

That’s right; three cards shot upwards, past my nose, hit the wall, and then landed beside me.  I scooped them up, set them off to the side, and drew four cards for the spread.

I decided to read the launched cards first, interpreting their message as an overview of the main spread.


(Notice the position of the sun in these three cards – sunrise, noon (debatable in the 3 of Cups, but what I felt here), and sunset.)

“The new lease on life that has begun to rise from you will bring you much closer to others.  Learn to network and communicate effectively with others.  By overcoming your fear of this daunting task, you will have completed more than you could have imagined by the end of the day.”

Very relevant, given that I’ve been opening up to new friends and meeting new people all the time with less shyness.  But what can I expect from the day ahead?


“Completing tasks and making efforts to improve your current situation will give you much joy today.  Take this energy with you as you go throughout your business.
“Trying to light a bonfire inside you with glowing embers will be a challenge, as you are trying to make too little do too much.  Start slowly.  Start small.  But keep in mind that the world is open to you, and that the Universe will listen to your requests and give them to you.  Remember; if you ask a question of the Universe, it will answer.  It has no other choice but to.
“How many times do I have to tell you this?  Write down your fucking goals and dreams!  Use  the damn exercises in your many books instead of glancing at them.  Take an active part in your future and prosperity!  It’s yours and yours only!  Where do you want to be in your future?  Stop fantasizing and go for it!”

I turned to the Wildwood deck for its daily message of encouragement.  It summed up the above reading for me in easy terms.


Referring  back to the LWB, I realized that the 4 of Vessels is encouraging me to accept the help and advice that has come my way, instead of cowering from it and the changes it may bring.

“All you have to do is recognize and acknowledge the proffered doorways, and step through them.  Challenge should not be feared; opportunity should be grasped and utilized to its natural limit.”

Very well then.  So I need to take the tiger by the tail today and work on my networking skills and my aversion to being among strangers, and learn to ask the Universe for what I want and need.  I can do that!

Kind of cool how this reading worked out this morning, huh?

Sources: The Wildwood Tarot, by Mark Ryan and John Matthews