Tonight is the Dark Moon, the full moon for the month of November.  I have been feeling the creative energies rush against me in wave after wave this past week.  I will do something special to mark tonight’s moon, as I feel this is an intuitive initiation for me.

“Striving to make your ideas heard and manifest will bring you much joy today.  Although those around you will fire back with their own objections and opinions, keep in mind that only you know what is right for you during this time.  Follow your inner guide and trust your intuition on these matters.
“Putting the energy that now powers you towards self-growth and improvement, while powerful it may be, will attempt to allude you today under the familiar calls of procrastination and boredom.  Hold on tight to this power, and do not let it go, at any cost.  Look around you for the mentors and teachers who can help you in this awakening journey.  Humbly seek their instruction and praise to help propel you towards the sky.  Keep in mind that the teachers and instruction that you need will look nothing like what you think it does.  Do away with those preconceived ideas and just learn.
“Using your intuition as your guide, continue to explore the parts of you that are beginning to come forward and seek attention and nourishment.  Ask the oracles and Universe the questions you keep putting off.  Meditate.  The answers you seek have arrived, and you just haven’t opened the package yet.”

For today’s Wildwood encouragement card, I picked the Moon on the Water, as I feel using the present energies of the full moon can only help me in my creative endeavors.  During this time I can fuse the creative energies of intuition and spirit into life on earth, manifesting my dreams and goals, and amplifying the power I am currently experiencing into much greater things.