Yesterday was quite a productive day, with me writing and submitting my first freelancing article and its acceptance hours later.  The many wonderful ideas for future projects and plans kept manifesting, only to be put on the back-burner for me to rest from a slight migraine.  But it wasn’t too big of a set back.

Today seems to hold some of the same energies as yesterday, with me drawing the Hierophant and Moon in the same positions as they appeared in Wednesday’s reading.  I see this as a rare second chance to harness the full moon energy and get some of the things done that I planned on doing yesterday.

“Basking in the glow of the new directions your life is taking you is where you will find the most joy and energy today.  It may feel like a lot of work at first, but remember to ask the advice of mentors and authorities on the matters you seek knowledge on.  Take on a load, but only if you can receive instruction.  Take some time again today to capitalize on the energy of the full moon to divine for yourself.  You may have been unable to do so yesterday due to illness, but the powers still glows strong, and you can still use it.”

“Like the heron greeting the dawn alone, you stand out from your immediate environment with honesty, honor, and integrity.  These things are what separate you from the others, and they are the aspects of yourself that can clearly be seen by peers and others.  These virtues will help you to move into the next phase of your life, so hold them close and cherish them”