Which girl doesn’t love being crafty?

Every now and again, I get the urge to make jewelry or play with new techniques.  Usually, this urge strikes me in December or January.  Even with winter upon the land I become a creative little whirlwind that wants to make or draw everything.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Today happened to be one such day where I made things.

Little bird's nest

Last year I saw these little bird’s nest pendents on Pinterest.  After a couple of tries, I made a couple to give as gifts.  They’re cute, meaningful, and most of all, easy to make.

Tree of life

What pagan doesn’t like trees?  I’ve always been awed by the simplicity in the tree of life pendants I’ve come across.  While I have read a few tutorials on them, I made this one without consulting anything.  It was a learning experience, so next time I think I’ll keep something open, just to double-check.  This particular pendant is 3″, and I made it as a sun catcher and not a necklace.  I’ve got a few feng shui crystals laying about, so I think I will add those beneath the tree once I can get some clear string.

The Lucid One watches

Last but not least, Lucy has to come and see what I’m making.  She likes to play with wire, so this was her way of saying “play with me!” today.