It feels like Mercury Retrograde is still in progress around here.  Yet again, I seem to have shorted out another cell phone after Friday’s guided meditation ritual.  After spending yesterday morning trying to get my phone fixed and seeing what my options were, I was once again denied after talking with my father about it.  If I can wait two weeks or so until he comes back home, he’s going to war with our provider and take us all elsewhere, although I had a very pleasant and new experience yesterday.

In any case, I found a new meaning for the 5 of Pentacles in dealing without current technology that we tend to take for granted.  Although the card did not come up in my readings, it seemed to fix itself in my mind when I was thinking about fixing up an old watch so that if my phone does completely go before dad gets back, I can at least tell time.

Anyways, on to today’s reading!

Daily tarot message for 3 December 2012


“Working hard and making your goals a reality will be a joyful part of your day.  Taking pride in your work is a very Capricorn trait, and one that you display readily.  The tools that you need to reach your goals are within you and around you, and you only need to overcome the challenges presented by having so many options available.  You need to adapt to your current situation by defining where you are, and where you want to go.  Answer two questions today: What do you want to change in your home, profession, status, finances, etc?  And what are you juggling in order to stay stable?  The key here is to learn how to juggle what has been given to you without dropping anything.  Use your resources wisely.  And when you are finished, take some time to affirm joy and happiness in your life.  Count your blessings.  This will really help to take your focus off of the negative effects you may experience at home or otherwise.”

Wildwood encouragement for 3 December 2012


This one was pretty straight forward today: “Ask the Universe for what you want and need, and stop stumbling in the dark!”