Stagnation seems to have placed a spell over me.  All these great ideas that I could work on, and I seem to find staring at a wall much more fascinating.  This is what happens when another old view of something shatters into dust; instead of finding the strength to go on, you keep mourning its loss.

But maybe that changes today.  I can only hope.

Daily tarot message for 4 December 2012


“You remain ever ready to jump at opportunity if it should come knocking.  This ability to spring into action may come today; and if it does, jump, for there  you will find joy.  On the flip side, you still have trouble manifesting your desires and wishes.  Answer these two questions: What do you want to manifest in your life?  And can you visualize it in detail?  Several parts of you are crying out for attention right now.  Listen to them and note what they want.  The focus on how their wants mesh with your own.  Finally, make some time to meditate today and be solitary in practice.  This notion has come back to you after revelations that have disappointed and distressed you, and now you must make time to heal and recover.”

Wildwood encouragement for 4 December 2012


“You have all the tools that you need to create change in your life.  It is up to you how to use them and when.  Please use them wisely.”