Today I had orientation for my new job. After eleven months of scraping, fighting, bitching, crying and striving, I finally found a fit that I intend to stay at for a while.

Since everything is about 30 minutes to half an hour from where I live, I woke up early, did my morning pages, and then multi-tasked while I ate breakfast, read emails, checked sites, etc.

I began to worry I wouldn’t have time to read before I went to work. Once I get into a routine I like to keep it that way for a while.

So when I found a moment, I grabbed my deck, grounded, shuffled, and laid out the cards. This was what they told me today.

27/2/2013 Tarot Reading


“Small things have been the support of your life, and now you must abandon these scaffolds and embrace what is to come permanently. These things can wait when something more important comes along. Do not try to hold onto them too tight as they are evanescent. Just know that new ideas and thoughts will follow your release of these small things, allowing you to work better.”

They always know what to say, don’t they?