I hate working the graveyard shift.

I don’t think there has ever been a time where I didn’t feel strange about third shift. I’ve known plenty of people who have to do it, and I’ve also noticed the effect it has on their minds and bodies. Now that I’ve had that experience in my 26 years upon this spaceship, I know exactly how it feels. And it feels horrible.

For emergency and healthcare workers, I get it; it’s a necessary evil. Other businesses who have a third shift better have a better reason for it than profits. I’ve seen it wear down people. I’m watching it wear me down when I have to work.

At my house, trying to get my familial roommates to leave me alone long enough to get decent sleep is a challenge. There’s always something stupid that has to be attended to right at the moment it happens. And it’s usually something that could have waited. Of course, the dog has to bark at EVERYTHING around here, and the phone has to ring endlessly. (I’ve started turning the ringer off when I have to sleep during the day – one demon slayed.) Sometimes ear plugs help. Others, they don’t. No matter what I try, they’re always uncomfortable. When I need to, I put up a sun blocking panel over my window. But I hate this most of all; I can’t see out the window, I hate the way my lights color my bedroom, and I can’t open the window when it gets too warm in here. I have to have the natural light – it’s just another quirk of mine I’ve discovered.

On days when I work third (like today), I don’t feel completely lucid until the sun sets. I’m headachey, grumpy, and just out of it. I’m not so far gone that I can’t think straight, but I hate feeling sick, all because I’ve had to sleep while the sun crosses the sky.

I’m one of those  morning people. You know. The one oddball that’s completely peppy at 7 am without having to drown herself in multiple cups of coffee or caffeine. The one that you want to slap because she’s ready to go, and you haven’t even gotten past the bios display part of your morning boot up. I’ll work all night, and when I leave work and begin the long drive home, I’ll hit my second wind and want do everything but go to bed.

I hate it. Have I mentioned that? Probably. I think it screws with the body’s natural order and throws my mind off. As someone who reads cards and is into reading her dreams for the hidden symbols and messages from the unconscious, working night shift just builds a bigger divide between me and my Higher and Younger soul-selves.

Since I’ve skipped posting a couple of days, I decided to post my reading tonight. I switched decks for no particular reason – the Universal Rider just happened to be the first one I grabbed, and I didn’t catch myself until I had the cards in my hands. I also threw in some reversals. Again, for no particular reason other than practice.

A reading where reversals are positive

“Your troubles seem so far away as you have come to enjoy the new taste of changing life. As this new light is poured into you, it will begin to trickle through those around you and all that you do, lighting the landscape like pure star light.”

This being done, I might take a few minutes to clean my bedroom and try my hand at the new-found practice of inspirational writing.