Spring is still dragging its heels around here. I had more complaints about the cold yesterday while I was at work than anything else. Which, considering the alternatives, I find very good. I shouldn’t be surprised; this is North Carolina after all, where the calendar is made up and the weather patterns don’t matter. Anyways, it makes for good reading/introspection weather.

Today's 3-card spread

“Cutting yourself off from nature, heart and spirit will only harm you by retaining clutter that needs to be disposed of. The longer you continue to stall here, the longer it will take before you turn away and follow the light to another outcome. But rest assured; when you do decide to go home, you’ll be welcomed like a hero.”

I like how the 4 of Pentacles was the #amtarot draw on Twitter this morning. Notice the position of the discs/pentacles/coins. The two at his feet cut him off from Earth Mother, preventing him from grounding. One covers his heart, preventing him from hearing its counsel. The last blocks his crown chakra, preventing Spirit from imparting wisdom. This guy needs to do a chakra clearing meditation or go for hike. And these are probably some of the things I should consider doing this week.

In other news, here’s my theory on the extinction of dinosaurs.

Yep... it's like that