I tend to be a pretty healthy person. I don’t whine about every little off feeling or minor pain, I tend to play through bigger hurts until I am able to treat them, and I rarely get sick any more. But there is one thing that will stop me in my tracks and take me down faster than a landing space shuttle, and that’s a migraine.

This is the first one in a while. Either way, it’s still unwelcome, but can’t seem to get the point. Once I can afford proper healthcare, I believe I will spend a good chunk of my life searching for the cause and end of my migraines.

Migraines and tarot don’t go together. Hell, migraines and any form of divination don’t go together. Like I said, I have the tendency to play through the pain, even if it does mess with my intuition and psychic faculties. These troublesome pain-spells have botched readings I’ve received in the past, messed with students learning the tarot by sending them so far off base it’s not even funny, and prevented me from working on studies when I had planned to spend an afternoon immersed in the cards and symbolism.

Today may or may not be one of those days. Either way, I got the practice in.

2 Kings are trying to tell me something

“Keeping a death-grip on the feelings of the past will only prevent you from attaining the material life you crave. Let them go; become the master of your work and home domains that you strive to be. Celebrate your harvests and victories with friends and those who have supported you along the way – they too deserve a piece of the success.”