Today is my sister’s birthday, which I think today’s reading hints at. It’s also one of the few days I’ll have off for a while, so I plan on making today a good one. I’m happy to say I managed to knock out the killer migraine that ripped through my skull yesterday. Hopefully today will bear none of its lingering excess.

I had a jumper today, but I decided to wait until after the first three cards to look at it. 



“You are a generous and good-natured soul, who loves to give to others (and receive as well!). But beware of those who would take advantage of your good nature. In the hyper-focused light of an eclipse [that happened yesterday], you’ve learned how to turn away from those who would drain you, but remain an active friend. You’re moving further up the mountain to meeting yourself fully.”

Since there are no pentacles in this reading, the giving referred to is that of emotions and time. The 6 of Cups reflects my sister’s birthday and the festivities that will commence as a result. I also noticed how the cards move in numerical order, going up from six and ending at eight. (I’ve been thinking about writing about numerology, another topic I’ve become interested in in the past week, but I’ll save it for later) Such an interesting progression.

Today's jumper


“Take a break from giving, giving, giving. Treat yourself. Receive.”

Ah. There are the pentacles. I have been spending a bit more money than I’d like on somewhat unsatisfying social events. Between the gas it takes to get to one of the two cities near me and the food I buy, it adds up. However, today, I’ll tell myself that it won’t matter in the next few weeks to come; payday is next week, I’ve got three 40-hour work weeks coming up (I swear I thought I was a part-timer, but perhaps this is my employer’s way of being frugal when it comes to staffing), and most of those work-days are 3rd-shift, meaning quite a bit of reading will get done.  Either way, today I’m in it to enjoy the ride.

And then, like a gentle song to the ear, a quote slipped into my brain;

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller