One of the few things I dislike about working first shift is that the distance between me and work puts a damper on me doing anything before I go in. Sure, I could wake up X-amount of minutes earlier and do stuff, but then I’d be going to bed as soon as I come home! Moving into the city would change that, but since I’m still unsure about how I’ll be able to afford that on my own, I’m still in the boonies with crazy people and loving animals.

I think the cards picked up on that tonight. I came across this post about using the tarot as a method of prayer, so I think tonight’s reading is a message from the Divine smacking me with a cosmic 2×4.

These cards just won't leave me alone this week...


“Now is the time to focus your dreams and goals, sparing only a passing glance at the physical means of achieving those ends [notice the little patch of blue water in the background of the King – more on that in a moment]. Focusing too much on the means (or lack thereof) will only trap you in an endless loop of gathering, spending, scrapping by, and gathering again. Give of yourself now. What do you have to offer to the world? How can that bring you closer to your goals? The illusion here is that desires and the material aren’t related. But you know your own philosophy better than anyone else can tell you – make your job doing something that you love. Find the passion and your garden will blossom eternally.”

I might need some ice for this cosmic lump. But I get the message; it’s time to stop hiding myself and my talents and use them to bring me closer to my goals. And since that’s a long list, I should probably spend some time in the next day or two writing down what I want, what my talents are, how I can use them.


  • Blue water behind the King of Pentacles – a far reach back that proves that having a goal and sticking to it will help you meet your desires. Remember where you started, and you can climb to the top of the tower.
  • Yellow skies behind both King and Queen – don’t be stupid. Use your intellect and your brain to climb that tower. Trying to climb without a goal in mind is pointless (literally!). Focus your thoughts, goals, dreams, hopes, etc..
  • Further note on the 6 of Cups – no matter what you offer, there is someone who wants it.

There was a jumper tonight as well; the Wheel of Fortune reversed. Tonight is just turning into a regular old lesson from the Divine.


“Be prepared – a new awareness of your responsibility in this life will shift the tables greatly. Meditate on responsibility and what it means now. Harnessing this understanding and energy can only bring with it positive change.”

Yeah. I sense an inspirational writing session coming on tomorrow. I’d love to do it tonight, but 5 am comes early when you live an hour away from work. For now, I think nursing the lump/lumps left on my head from cosmic assault is the best course of action.