So Far Away

We all know the battle to end all battles will come.
And it will be the hero who runs ahead
Who will change the course.

She’ll dash out ahead of the others,
Hips swaying to music that only she can hear.
The rubble that surrounds her will fade into galaxies,
Her feet kicking up stardust as she begins to dance,
Telling a story with the movement of her body.

She’ll practice her form, dancing around her studio
As the t-shirt that she loves rising and falling,
Moving away and towards the waistband
Of black shorts and red panties.
A black loop swings with her,
Mouth moving in silent prayer.

And you’ll smile and shake your head,
And smile.

Or how about the random lines and couplets,
Scribbled on mirrors and windows,
As she takes another captive.
She’ll photograph him in curvy mug-shots,
Before incarceration between cardboard gates.
A select few she chooses;
The Stockholmed ones who turn traitor,
Dressed in her version of prison-orange,
But given the opportunity to dress up
When she marches into new territory.

And still, with each breath she takes,
You’ll shake your head, and wonder,
And smile.

What about those nights where she loses balance?
The sound of shuffling cards,
Or the whiff of sandalwood,
The glow of candlelight that she lives by.
Or what about those days when she’s hard at work,
The general consulting her troops and planning attack.
She’s powerful, smart, and cunning;
The one who shared the dream once yours,
Who, now that she is here, you can see,
She could have been great in that position,
The one who could have achieved your goals,
But she is here now,
And you smile and don’t wonder why.
Perhaps you weren’t ready for her power,
The one who’s fate as told by the Empress is to rule,
The girl you love with the keys to The World.

And as she turns, cold feet running along your calves,
Amber hair turned black in silver streams,
Curling her arms around a pillow,
Or yourself,
Nuzzling her face and nose against the heart she sleeps with,
You’ll know;

She’s the one who needs to succeed you in battle,
And you’ll shake your head a bit,
Smile, sigh, and laugh, knowing
She got you here, and she had won the battle before it began.