No… I’m not going to write a poem about the annoying noise that plagues me right now. It’s the only noise I can hear when my fan is off. But that’s okay; the airflow feels nice.

I’ve been tired lately. Same story. Too much work for my own good. Mostly night shift, which leaves me so drained that all  I can do is watch television and read. Again, that’s okay; I finished “A Feast for Crows” last night, and “A dance with Dragons” is on deck. I figured if I’m stuck awake all night, why not take the time to catch up on my reading.

This morning I pulled my three cards, as usual. But I couldn’t really focus. I need a few days of vacation to reground myself. Oddly enough, today’s spread seems to share the sentiment. Even without focus the cards can show us what we need to see. But in the end, it’s up to us to follow the advice therein.

Next week, we'll go on a small vacation.

“Find inner peace by listening to the secrets around you. Step back. Rushing into things too fast will drain you the way it already has. Throw off the bounds of society for a bit. Your rest and peace will come wrapped in the things that most people avoid.”

When the Hierophant reversed speaks, I think he means throw off the bounds of trying to feel like a productive member of society. Not necessarily quitting and just becoming a bum (even if I tried, I’d still work too hard towards trying to do what I love and stay active), but taking the time to go out in nature, relax, and just let it take a load off. Perhaps a hiking trip or a journey to the river. Take some time to rest in the water and let my cares, aches, troubles, and thoughts wash away and clear myself.

Maybe next week. A couple of days off will be rewarding.