You guys know how I constantly complain about having to work nights because it drains me to a point of unhealthy exhaustion I have never known before? Well, that’s soon to become a less common occurrence.

Towards the first of the month I got a reading from a mentor. (I guess I’d call her that, although I rarely see  her and I have yet to take any of her classes.) In that reading, she outlined a lot of things to come, one being an improvement in my job situation, whatever that may mean. Since starting my job there has been a lot of shake-up in the schedule. After a couple of years of complacency (from what I’ve heard from others), a few of my coworkers have decided to turn another direction. The result is a couple of open positions, one of which I gladly accepted yesterday. It’s 2nd shift full-time, but that actually gives me more freedom to write, read (cards and books), and create in the ways I work best. Strange how something more rigid inspires me more.

Today’s draw echos the freedom to come, as well as advice on how to best work with these changes. There’s really nothing new to do about it – just another way of giving me the same advice I am learning to live by daily.

Not a bad outlook

“Balancing the many sides, talents, and goals of yourself will advance you closer to the city of Success. Burdens will lighten, but do not hesitate to ask for help when (and where) you need it most during this time. Balancing your strong Capricorn personality with seeking outside help when necessary will fill your cup of happiness and give you the opportunities to create something (or somethings, knowing you) ornate, beautiful, and breathtaking.”

The Queen’s cup is beautiful, inspiring. I wonder what my own will look like when I finish.