I’ve been trying to get this post published since before 9 pm, but we had a storm with more bark than bite roll through the area. Either way, it knocked out the internet, so I couldn’t get on. Living in BFE, that’s always my worst nightmare.

Before I did my reading I was thinking about how I need to leave home. I’ll soon be able to make it happen. And the cards, as always, echo the sentiment.

They always know what to say


“The joys and accolades you wish to receive from those you expect to celebrate with you go unfulfilled. Here is not where you will find the energy you need, so you should look elsewhere and find a new home. You’ve drank enough of the poison, and it’s time to cross the bridge Experience has taught you this in the past, yet you still cling to the stump of a rope that is left. It’s a charm for you, a reminder of where you came. Throw it off, and free yourself.”

There was a jumper tonight too: Page of Cups reversed.

That fish is going to get away if you don't right yourself


“You, as well as everyone around you and close to you, know that you need to remove yourself from this situation, from your home. Staying here only drains you of the creative current that shapes your life. And this creative current is a necessary element of your survival.”

Guess it’s a good time to start looking at apartments.