Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways I can take my tarot reading to the next level. Since I’ve been teaching myself, I really don’t have a ruler that I can go against to accurately measure my abilities. Those who have provided me feedback usually have the same thing to say; “Pretty good” or some other similar paraphrasing. While I greatly value this feedback and the confidence in my abilities, the Capricorn in me wants something with more substance. Something such as advice for giving readings professionally, how to be more confident in readings, etc.

Some time ago I was poking around Aeclectic Tarot and came across this spread on tarot reading. I think. Either way, I don’t take credit for creating it. I decided to give it a go and see what the cards themselves had to say about my reading abilities.
Tarot Reading Spread


I changed the spread around to make it easier for me to remember and interpret. None of the card positions actually change, just their relative positioning in the spread. To me, this makes it easier to see the areas the spread focuses on, bringing them all together in the fifth and final position.


1.) The Hermit: You’ve learned the meanings well, are quite adept at trusting your intuition and turning inward for advice concerning the cards and their meanings.
2.) The Sun: Bring this side of yourself/talent out into the world! Tell friends, offer readings, job a club/network. Don’t hide anymore – flaunt it!
3.) 3 of Swords Reversed: Outside resources are numerous and many. Don’t shy away from them because of fears like rejection and heartbreak. Take a leap and see what happens.
4.) 4 of Cups Reversed: What is something you’ve spurned as an internal resource in the past? Read books, if you’d like. You’ve moved beyond using the meanings within for a crutch, so there is no need to fear that tainting of your own inner meanings. Take a class – you may soon be able to.
5.) 6 of Swords Reversed: Don’t rely on this ability too much just yet – it’s not time to start reading professionally or stepping outside of your skills. Seek advice on reading first, and look into topics such as counseling, psychology, etc.


I also had a jumper. Well, this was the first one. At one point it seemed like every card was jumping during the shuffle, and at one point the entire deck jumped out of my hands. I decided to stick with the first one, since this was the first time with this spread. It was only after I had read this card that I realized that the pentacles here are not just money, but time as well, since that is the resource I seem most concerned over at this time.

“Don’t worry about affording resources or being able to pay for resources and classes. All that will come to you through your determination and drive. And when it comes to you, know that it is given because you have proven that you will use it well in the future.”

So there you have it!  A spread based on reading tarot, giving you advice from the voice that you learn to hear in the cards. Try it out for yourself! See what you can do.