It seems like each shuffle is a loaded catapult. Cards jump, and I have to decide whether or not reading them is prudent, or if I’m shuffling the cards wrong. Lately, it’s been harder to focus and center before I do my readings. Something I attribute to working nights and getting used to being up all night these days.

This evening was something entirely different.

I’ve been sleeping better during the day, making it a full eight hours or more. I don’t like waking up in the evening and feeling like I’ve done nothing all day, while the sun has inched his way across the sky. The benefit is I don’t feel like a zombie anymore. The downside is I don’t recognize myself. I feel numb, as if changing my sleep and work habits has made me forget myself. Perhaps it has. And perhaps the behavior of my cards is their way of trying to smack me awake. It’s working, albeit very, very slowly.

As I shuffled tonight, one card jumped. As usual, I placed it aside. After that, I shuffled twice more, with three more cards flying from the deck and into the wall. I decided that was enough shuffling, and laid them out. I put the first card on top and related them all together the best way I could. The result is a reading I will be pondering most, if not all, of the night.



“Moderation is the key to all great things.

“Fantastic love comes from keeping your eyes on the prize and preparing the potions to reach that goal like an alchemist. Don’t sit in the puddle and expect your goals to move against nature and shower you in light. You must create the waterfall that you will sit beside and under. Your fruits will be the fish you catch, each one a shimmer of rainbows as the ideas and fantasies come to life by your hands. Keep your eyes on the prize, that finished  result of tempered substance that will be the spring from which your waterfall flows.”

Red wings above red wings. A pond above the waterfall that flows into fertile lands. I’ve been thinking of stories a lot, and keeping the same songs on repeat as I graze my fingers across the ideas I see. Perhaps this is a sign that it’s time to stop imagining and put something to paper. But that’s something I’ve always struggled with.

Perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to go further than this, and find a new way to translate visions into fictions.