Yet again, after an impromptu month-long hiatus, I remembered I had a tarot blog that I would like to grow.

The past month has gone by in a blur. Not that a lot has happened (although a lot has), but it’s just been busy. And trying to get back into a consistent swing of things is hard for me. As the dust settles, though, I can discern a pattern forming. And now that I see that, I can once again begin to decorate and clean what’s been caught in the undertow.

After having not reading for myself in a couple of weeks, I took some time to do so today. I didn’t really have a question in mind, so I just asked the cards about the day ahead; what can I expect from it.

5/7/2013 Reading

“Starting the day right really pays off. By moderating your thoughts, diet and energy early on, you have proven a squire worth training. Keep up the hard work as the day progresses and you will rise through the ranks. Let persistence be your sword as you sever yourself from harmful bounds, thoughts, and impulses. As you ascend your throne, you will be able to control the storms and energies around you, controlling the flow of your life’s river.”

Today I see those clouds in the Page and Queen cards as storm clouds. The Page sees them coming and prepares for battle. The Queen can merely call and dismiss the storms as they come nearer. And that little stream in the background? Well, if she wishes, she could command a storm to rain down, flooding the stream past its banks.