I’ve only been seriously studying the Tarot for a couple of years now, although I’ve been playing and exploring since 2008. I have adopted several decks in this short time, always trying to make a concentrated and prescribed attempt at study.  After many failed attempts to engage myself in such a way as to really know the cards, I’m trying a different approach; letting go and just letting the cards talk to me.  The Capricorn in me wants to herd everything into a neat, orderly pen.  But that approach doesn’t always work.  Learning Tarot is one such example.

My deck of choice is the Mystic Dreamer Tarot, a deck designed by Heidi Darras.  These cards seem to talk to me more than other decks I’ve practiced with.  The dreamy quality of the cards allows me to enter into another state of mind when I work with them, which is a big plus.  The Universal Rider Waite deck is the one I use when occasionally read for others.  Other decks that have found their ways into my care are the Ludy Lescot Tarot (I absolutely love the artwork and the dark feel of this deck), the Avalon Tarot (picked this one up at a trade blanket a couple of years ago; I really enjoy the Arthurian theme, although I have only used this deck a couple of times), and the Wildwood Tarot (living where I do, I feel like this deck calls to me sometimes).  In time I will learn which decks resonate more with me and which are ready to move on in the universe. For now, I am just a humble student.