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Tonight is the Dark Moon, the full moon for the month of November.  I have been feeling the creative energies rush against me in wave after wave this past week.  I will do something special to mark tonight’s moon, as I feel this is an intuitive initiation for me. Read the rest of this entry »


Read the rest of this entry »


“Rest assured that you are indeed manifesting your goals and working hard towards them.  Good job!  Keep up the hard work!

“My message is the same today as ever: your ship is coming, keep a watch for it.  The assistance you need has arrived and will be given to you if you have a pure heart and clear goals.  The transition may turn up some dust, but remember to keep your footing and push through the fog.  Do not be afraid, and do not doubt your abilities; you can face any challenge thrown your way, if you just believe in yourself.”


“Hard and challenging (I should really say stimulating) work will bring you into a joyous union of spirit and mind.  But beware the ones who cannot loosen their grip on the power they hold.  Your revolutionary ideas and views will clash with the ones in place, whether your opponent be one person or a whole culture.  Remember; you’re just a little bit ahead of the rest, and progress is frightening to many people.”

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