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For Cody; you are missed.

Sunlight Through a Glass

Beams of light born on earth,
We all carry within us a device of focus.
Sometimes we’re not even aware it exists;
If we cannot see it, it isn’t there.
And so we forget just what we can do.

Beams of light, reaching an eye to see us,
After traveling through time and space.
Some will look and see the potential,
The energy transferred from our star to green leaves.
They will see how the light can be harnessed, focused,
Moved over a convex lens into a safe laser.

Maybe not safe for an ant,
Who has no quarrel with the light.

Beams of light, bouncing off clouds,
Below, on an Earth that is gray and dim,
We forget what we can do.
We let the clouds block the light,
Scatter the focus,
And we bounce the light for growth
Into the icy depths of space.

Only then, when the light is gone, will we know
How vital it is,
Just what it could have done.


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