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It seems like each shuffle is a loaded catapult. Cards jump, and I have to decide whether or not reading them is prudent, or if I’m shuffling the cards wrong. Lately, it’s been harder to focus and center before I do my readings. Something I attribute to working nights and getting used to being up all night these days.

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“Be like the King of Swords, observant and sharp, cutting away fluff.  Love like the Queen of Pentacles, inspiring trust and security .  Fuse these two parts of your self today and sow seeds of a thirst for life with a calculated approach.  Count your blessings and focus only on the abundance of your love.  Spread it to everyone you meet like a cold.  In doing so, be as the Page of Wands, steering this new direction with a fiery tenacity that can only bring you to the best views this life ha to offer.”

Happy Samhain, everybody!!!  I’m doing things a little different this morning.  I have a job interview in a couple of hours for a job that I really, really want. So I decided to do the Job Interview spread found in The Dreamer’s Journal, by Barbara Moore, to gain a little bit more insight to what I may face.  (I’ll post more details when I return.) Read the rest of this entry »

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We’ve had quite an interesting morning at my house.  The Lucid One decided she wanted to help me read cards at one point, and we had a jumper; the Queen of Swords!

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